Meal Plan Monday! Sept 26th

  Happy Monday! Can you believe it is already the end of September? I really don’t like when the months fly by so fast. Its an indicator that I’m too busy. Well, lets get to sharing our meal plans for the week! I’m joining in with “I’m and Organizing Junkie” link party for Meal Plan Monday! You can join us too!! I love reading other ladies meal plans to get inspired to try new things or “mix it up” for {Read More}

Breakfast in a mug! 2 New! Favorites! (It’s NOT Oatmeal!)

One of my favorite Youtube Channels is Gemma Stafford’s “Bigger Bolder Baking”.  She is such a joy to watch and with her beautiful Irish accent, she makes you feel like you can do anything perfectly! Honestly, you pretty much can, if you watch her and just use her recipes! So we, meaning my 9yr old son and I, wanted to try her Microwave Mug Meals. She has over 50 recipes, but we wanted to try the breakfast ones.  My son {Read More}

My Top 5 Youtube Favorites!

If you are anything like me, Youtube has quickly become like a “TV” channel for me! I have over a 100 channels I watch but I would say there are about 20 that I cannot ‘live’ without. (Don’t judge me! LOL) So I thought I’d share my top 5 that I’m watching this month. Yes, I think i’m going to start sharing each month my top 5 (if there are updates). This was very hard to decide on, but I {Read More}

Are you ready for the book of Matthew & New Bible Study Journal?

Can you believe it’s that time again? We just completed the book of Hebrews, and boy, it was an amazing journey. I am hoping to be able to do more blogging throughout this bible study this time and posting on the Facebook Page, so make sure you are checking both and are subscribed to the mailing list. I felt like this was a great transition from Hebrews as we continue our study of Jesus and who he is as we {Read More}

Happy Homemaker Monday

Hi Everyone! I thought it would be fun to participate in this weekly link-up post along with my friend Rowana from CoffeewithRow! I always enjoy reading hers and I thought, hey, this might be fun! So you might think about joining us! I am linking up with Sandra at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom. The weekend is always hectic for us with running an online Etsy shop and trying to find that balance with our family. Friday nights {Read More}