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Make-it Monday | All Lined Up! #52 {34/52}

Happy End of August!! What!? It's the end of August already?  Time is just flying by and to be honest, I feel so blessed right now.  I have my dad who is alive and healthy and my family... its just all I could ever ask for. My dad found out … [Read More...]


Make-it Monday | I’m back with a double layout spread! #50-51

Hi Everyone! So sorry to just now be getting back on here.  I feel that life is getting back to some sense of normal so I'm excited to share this week's layout spread. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for their prayers for my dad.  … [Read More...]

Make-it Monday- Postponed…Surgery Update

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get this blog post up yesterday.  We were out all day at the hospital for my dad's surgery that took over 3-1/2 hours. He had his kidney removed along with a tumor, so prayers are welcomed.  The surgery … [Read More...]


Angles Part 2 | Weekly Template Challenge #49{31/52}

Well, we are here, it's now AUGUST and we should have 31 layouts so far for 2015! Isn't that exciting? Life has been crazy around here with opening the new Etsy shop but I'm sure it will calm down. One thing I have to remember is to take photos. … [Read More...]

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