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New! Commercial Use “Strawberry Patch” 45% off & Newsletter

I'm excited to share with you my newest Commercial Use Kits!! Also, NEW is my special CU (Commercial Use) mailing list.  If you sign up, you will automatically receive a FREE CU kit and exclusive coupon codes, discounts, deals and sales on my latest … [Read More...]


Kids Emergency Phone List Printable Freebie

Now that my 8 yr old is home for the summer, I had a list of things I wanted to teach him before he goes back to school. One of those things is teach him what to do in an emergency situation. There was a commercial on the other day where a … [Read More...]


See what inspires me to create! + Freebie

Hi Scrappers! Today is just a gorgeous day outside, with beautiful blue skies and not a cloud in site. The temps today are only supposed to reach 80 degrees and its 73 degrees now. PERFECT summer day! I absolutely love waking up and looking out my … [Read More...]


Happy Canada Day! Freebie

Happy Canada Day to all my friends and subscribers!! (Ain't he cute, hee hee!) I have a special freebie for you today to use for your celebration layouts! I hope you have a very safe & happy holiday! Download Here or HERE *new link for … [Read More...]

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