This Week’s – Weekly Meal Plan #33 (2016)

I will be adding a new feature on my blog! We will be posting our Meal Plan for the week, every Sunday! I also will be sharing some of my lunch meals that I will be eating as I work on my weight loss to get fit. I will make sure I have linked any recipes that are not my own and will also share my own recipes for you to grab and use. We are not a family that {Read More}

Trisha Yearwood’s Slow Cooker Pork Loin w/Carrots & Potatoes

Trisha Yearwood’s Slow Cooker Pork Loin Ingredients 2½ to 3 lb pork loin, trimmed of all visible fat ½ tsp garlic powder ¼ tsp ground ginger ⅛ tsp dried thyme (I OMIT this part as our family doesn’t care for THYME) ¼ tsp black pepper 1 tbsp vegetable oil 2 cups chicken broth 2 tbsp lemon juice 3 tsp soy sauce (*LOW SODIUM) 3 tbsp cornstarch salt and pepper, to taste  *We add baby organic carrots and cut up potatoes {Read More}

Free Printable Flags to Pledge Allegiance

As we are preparing for our 2nd year of homeschooling our son, I am reminded of all the little things I did for my daughter as we homeschooled her for 15 years (began at 3yr) and boy have I forgotten a lot.  I’m really kind of excited to take this journey with my son who is 9yr old and going into 3rd grade.  He was previously in an amazing Christian school but due to our financial situation at this time, {Read More}

Blown Away by Hebrews Chapter 3!!

So as some of you know, I “host” an online bible study on Periscope every weekday (Mon-Fri) (@planwithjen_) and have been doing this since last November. I recently had to change the time from 11am to 1pm (est) due to our new schedule with homeschooling. We are currently studying the book of Hebrews and I have to tell you that this book started as a challenge to me. The first chapter, which you would assume would be easy, was not {Read More}

Bible Study Note Cards are here!!

Check out the new Note Cards, you’ve requested!! Now you can have a beautiful, organized way to store notes from your favorite bible study series! These are NOW Available in the etsy shop – Pretty Planner Prints Each week (5 days) I will release a new set in the shop until we have completed the series. If you’d like to wait and purchase the full set, that will also be available in the shop at the end of the series. {Read More}