Youtube Live Event – Making War Room Binders!

We are excited to host a Youtube Live Event – Making a War Room Binder. We may have a few co-hosts that will be working on their war-room binders, as I will, sharing what and how we are putting our war room binders together. This is meant to be a time of fellowship, laughter and fun as we gather together LIVE to be inspired, creative and share our war room binders. I am just getting started on mine tomorrow night and I’m {Read More}

Pizza Night just got easier! Pizza-rritos

This recipe was so much fun to make and as a family that loves our Friday Night Pizza Night.. it was a nice change! What’s great about this pizza-rrito is it is inexpensive meal and fun for any occasion, even parties! For kids, I suggest using the fajita size shells (smaller portion). Our whole family loved this recipe and has even decided they want this instead of homemade regular pizza! Why? Well, for one, its much easier and very quick {Read More}

What is a Breakfast Pizza?

Have you ever heard of Cooking Panda on Facebook? Well, I have and its one of  my favorite resources for quick recipes as a busy WAHM. So today I’m sharing with you a cooking panda recipe that my son and I made this week. Bacon & Egg Crescent Squares is what the Cooking Panda called his recipe but my son is calling them Breakfast Pizza’s. I think Breakfast Pizza is good because you can put whatever you’d like as toppings just like {Read More}

Spinning my way to health!

Maybe you only have 20lb to lose and maybe you are like me and have over 100lbs to lose. Either way, if you love riding bikes like I used to, we may have something in common and I may have a key to our weightloss. Have you heard of SoulCycle? No? Here is a sneak peek from a Youtube Video of Kelly Ripa’s favorite form of exercise.. Soul Cycle. When I saw this, I was ready to jump up on {Read More}

My Fitness Journey

If you follow me on facebook, its no surprise to you what my fitness issues are.  What you can’t know from a picture is why.  I didn’t always have a weight issue, in fact, I used to love to work-out and was very healthy.  It was  when I turned a certain age, I started having a change in weight and other things. Soon after I was married, I became pregnant and then during my pregnancy is when things really changed {Read More}