LOAD513-Day 3-5: What I’ve learned…

I have to be honest…I have never enjoyed layout scrapbooking. If you are in the same boat as me, then LOAD is the perfect thing to revive you.

I have realized that what I hated most about layout scrapbooking was coming up with the Title or Concept/Prompt. So many of us has boxes of photos and no inspiration. LOAD513 has given me that inspiration and more. There are so many wonderful people in this LOAD class and they inspire you, lift you up, encourage you and more!

In 5 days, I’ve gotten more than I ever bargained for.  I have discovered what style of scrapbooker I am, how I want to organized my digital files and photos, and most of all… how to become a better designer for you.

I’m so excited about the million ideas I have for this year to share with you. I hope that this year I can inspire you, educate you, and challenge you in new and fun ways.

Here are my layouts for Days 3-5. The prompt for each day (inspiration/concept) is below each layout photo.
I encourage you to ask me questions, I’m happy to share. This is totally digital and I am having them printed into 8×8 layouts. I still love the smaller album.  I had a few of my pages printed at Archiver’s New Memory Lab and I was very pleased with how they turned out. My husband was even excited and said, “Oh yeah, this is how we need to have them printed!”

I am going to try Persnickety Prints for the rest of this class’ layouts.  They are having a great deal right now for 12×12 layout prints, so you might check them out here.  May 18th-24th they will have their 8×8 layouts on sale for only $0.74 a page! I’m so in for that!

What’s even better is you can export your pages from the My Memories Suite Software and have them printed through Persnickety Prints!!

So here is my layouts…

Day #3-Kitchen…

Day 3 - Kitche

Day 3 – Kitchen (@mymemories.com-my ‘one fine day’ kit..available as quick page)

Day #4-Greed (I preferred collection/favorites)
My daughter (19yr)…

Day 4 - Greed

Day 4 – Greed

My son (6 yr old)…




Day #5 – Then There Was None (based on Agatha Christie book title)

Day#5 - Mystery Title

Day#5 – Mystery Title


If you see a collection you’d like to know more about, please leave a comment below and I’m happy to answer or help in any way. I mixed a lot of different digital design kits so feel free to ask me for designers/kit name if you’d like to use them. Some may be no longer available but I’ll do my best to get you ‘hooked up’.

So here is the question of the day…. what is your favorite style of scrapbooking? 


Would you like more information about LOAD513?(classes are available at www.layoutaday.com by Lain Ehmann)

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